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Descubre nuestra colección de corbatas de seda hechas a mano por nuestros diseñadores. Elige tu look entre las últimas tendencias en estilo casual o clásico. Con nuestra selecta colección de corbatas de edición limitada Accesmen marcarás la diferencia con tu toque personal y exclusivo. Conviértete en un hombre de negocios de éxito elegante y triunfador. 


Sky blue silk tie

30,00 €
Sky blue silk tie with a soft and original touch of printed cashmere. 5 cm width. Perfect tie for sunny days, its color and texture reflects hapiness. Ideal to combine with a white shirt.

Beige thread tie and red stripes

28,00 € 19,60 €
Corbata de hilo beige y rayas rojas y negras. Ideal para looks sport.

Striped sailor's silk tie

35,00 € 28,00 €
Purple with red and white striped silk tie. It has a width of 5 cm and a soft and delicate touch. An original tie, full of style, that you can convert in the protagonist accessory of your look.A perfect combination for this sailor striped tie may be a white...

Brown tie with flowers

30,00 €
Brown silk tie with blue and White flowers. It has 5cm width and a soft texture. This is an original and classic tie, with neutral colors but with a different and at the same time discreet design. Dare to combine this Beautiful tie with a white or light...

Navy Blue silk tie

30,00 €
Handmade navy blue silk tie with a width of 5cm In his printed is observed some small lines in relief that gives to the tie a special touch. For the classics who like a little touch of differentiation. It is a tie for special events that combined with...

Blue silk tie with flowers

30,00 €
Blue silk tie with White flowers Dark blue silk tie with white flowers embroidered with a width of 5 cm. A diferente blue tie, without losing the elegance that characterizes it, this man accessory stands out for the simplicity of flowers mixed with blue Klein.

Purple tie with dots

30,00 €
Silk purple tie with white dots This silk purple tie with White dots and 5 cm width is ideal when you want to stand out in originality for a vivid and current color.

Tie in brown and blue tones

30,00 €
Elegant silk tie in brown and blue geometric tones. Elegant silk tie with brown and blue tones with geometric shapes. It has 5cm width and a soft texture. Original silk tie that combines with land and blue tones. It is ideal for the cold days and important...

Black silk tie

30,00 €
Handmade black silk tie This elegant and always trending tie has a width of 5 cm and is soft and delicate touch. It is the perfect accessory for men. An elegant and classic tie. Combined with different types of shirts and suits. All elegant man has a black...

Crochet snow tie

28,00 €
Crochet tie with snow print For a more natural and simple look. This tie is perfect for Christmas. Your energy and originality will be noticed when you put it. You can wear it with a plain colored Blazer, but we advise you to wear it with an elegant jacket...

Navy blue tie with dots

30,00 €
Navy blue silk tie with white polka dots A very smooth texture tie with a width of 5cm. The navy blue colour accompanied by the subtlety of the white polka dots makes a perfect elegant tie for your meetings or events. Good choice for a wedding, combined...
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