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azul marino
azul claro

Pulsera fina cuero

26,00 €
Los pequeños detalles marcan la diferencia. Pulsera con tres tiras entrelazadas de cuero en tonos marrón oscuro y beige y dos tiras en color azul marino. Cierre ovalado de acero inoxidable. La pulsera abarca la talla L de muñeca de hombre.

Blue stone bracelet

26,00 €
Dark brown bracelet with a small silver metal detail and blue stone. Very elegant bracelet. It looks great if you use it with a white, beige or blue shirt.

Navy blue socks

12,00 €
Elegant and classics blue navy socks Socks with elegant lines. Characterized by a classic color, it is the perfect sock for the pure style gentleman. You can use them with dark brown and navy blue shoes.

Purple Elegant

55,00 €
Elegance with color is an excellent choice. Kit composed by: Handmade purple bow tie with small squares on fabric texture. - Silk pocket with embroidered cashmere print in brown, purple, blue and orange tones.

Green Gold

58,00 €
The dark green is the new black. Kit composed by: Dark green silk bow tie. Handmade dark brown and blue silk pocket square embroidered with geometric circles. It is a poquet square full of strength inspired by the Baroque, striking and discreet at the same...

Classic Black

49,90 €
For the lovers of classic Kit composed by: Handmade black silk tie with 5 cm width Black handmade silk handkerchief with white big dots. Accompanies this Kit with a jacket or black suit if you like being the smartest person in the place. If you dare to give...

Sky Blue

49,90 €
For the ones who likes to do extraordinary things. And, also for the blue lovers. Kit composed by: Celestial blue silk tie with ameba print and light silver luster. It is a handmade tie with 5 cm in width, ideal to give your look a different style. Very...

Luxury Brown

49,90 € 29,94 €
Para los que caminan con los pies en la tierra y la cabeza en las nubes. Kit compuesto por: - Corbata marrón de seda hecha a mano con pequeñas flores blancas y azul celeste. Es una corbata de 5 cm de anchura con un aire elegante y lleno de energía. -...

Navy Team

49,90 €
For gentlemen in love with navy blue. Kit composed by: Dark blue silk tie with light lines in relief. This tie is 5 cm wide and is easily combinable with any suit, jacket or shirt. Silk pocket square in navy blue and dark blue embroidered with circular...

Purple team

49,90 €
Focus all of your energy on achieving your goals. Dress for it. Kit composed by: - Purple silk tie with small white squares handmade and with a width of 5 cm. It blends perfectly with brown tones. - Silk pocket square with embroidered cashmere print in...

Pisacorbatas Plateado

15,00 €
El toque de distinción de tu corbata. Pisacorbatas plateado. Si buscas el último toque de clase para tu look, te podemos garantizar que con el pisacorbatas dorado tu look no va a pasar desapercibido.

Red Flower Pin

10,00 €
This red flower pin is a detail of a true gentleman. Wear it will give a touch of great personality. We recommend to combine the flower pin with a pocket square where one of their color is the same as the flower pin.
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