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Sky blue silk tie

30,00 €
Sky blue silk tie with a soft and original touch of printed cashmere. 5 cm width. Perfect tie for sunny days, its color and texture reflects hapiness. Ideal to combine with a white shirt.

Brown Wood bracelet

15,00 €
Blue and beige balls bracelet, made in Spain. Inspired by the sea.

Red pocket square with blue dots

25,00 €
Red silk pocket square with blue dots Handmade red silk pocket square with blue dots. With a very soft and light texture it is ideal to add it to your navy blue or beige blazer.

Black socks with squares

12,00 €
Elegant black socks to combine with black shoes. Add an original touch to the typical black sock with a pattern of white squares.

Beige and maroon reversible bow tie

44,00 €
Beige, maroon and blue reversible bow-tie with flowers On the one hand woven cotton of large beige, blue and maroon flowers, on the other hand leatherette Maroon. In the knot or center of the bow tie you will find leather Garnet fabric on both sides. An...

Red Flower Pin

10,00 €
This red flower pin is a detail of a true gentleman. Wear it will give a touch of great personality. We recommend to combine the flower pin with a pocket square where one of their color is the same as the flower pin.

Tirantes azul marino

27,00 €
Elegantes tirantes elásticos azul marino hechos en España. Tienen una gran calidad y resistencia. Sus medidas son 30mm de ancho con cruceta metálica en la espalda y cuatro pinzas. Tiene reguladores de talla en la parte trasera.

Pisacorbatas Dorado

15,00 €
El toque de distinción de tu corbata. Pisacorbatas dorado. Si buscas el último toque de clase para tu look, te podemos garantizar que con el pisacorbatas dorado tu look no va a pasar desapercibido.

Boxer azul

15,00 €
Confortable boxer de color azul oscuro. Estos boxers de algodón se adaptan con su goma elástica perfectamente al cuerpo.

Beige thread tie and red stripes

28,00 € 19,60 €
Corbata de hilo beige y rayas rojas y negras. Ideal para looks sport.

Executive brown socks

12,00 €
Eleagant and classics brown socks Socks with elegant lines. Characterized by a classic color, it is the perfect sock for the pure style gentleman. You can use them with dark brown and navy blue shoes.

Brown and blue Pokcet square

25,00 €
Handmade Dark Brown, gold and dark blue silk pocket square with a relief texture. It is a discreet pocket square but with lot of style and elegance. Ideal for a black or beige suit. Great for work or leisure dinners and important events.
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