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Purple Elegant

55,00 €
Elegance with color is an excellent choice. Kit composed by: Handmade purple bow tie with small squares on fabric texture. - Silk pocket with embroidered cashmere print in brown, purple, blue and orange tones.

Green Gold

58,00 €
The dark green is the new black. Kit composed by: Dark green silk bow tie. Handmade dark brown and blue silk pocket square embroidered with geometric circles. It is a poquet square full of strength inspired by the Baroque, striking and discreet at the same...

Brown Sugar

58,00 €
¿Eres de marrones? Este es tu Kit.  Kit compuesto por: -Pajarita reversible marrón oscuro y beige. Por un lado ante marrón y por el otro tela marrón oscuro con estampado tierra. -Pañuelo de bolsillo de seda marrón y azul oscuro hecho a mano bordado de...

Kit elegant gentleman

49,00 €
Kit Black Elegant The combination of black and white is always a good choice. Kit composed by: Handmade black bow tie with white dots. Handmade white pocket square with black trim. A kit created for the most classic events where the label is essential.

Flowers & Navy

55,00 €
For the elegant ones who like to make a difference Kit composed by: Reversible bow tie with wide tricolor stripes. On the other side, white floral print, navy blue and red orange. Handmade white pocket square with navy blue trim. An explosive mix, a...
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