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Pajarita camuflaje

35,00 €
Pajarita de camuflaje beige, azul y gris

Beige thread tie and red stripes

28,00 € 19,60 €
Corbata de hilo beige y rayas rojas y negras. Ideal para looks sport.

Sky blue silk tie

30,00 €
Sky blue silk tie with a soft and original touch of printed cashmere. 5 cm width. Perfect tie for sunny days, its color and texture reflects hapiness. Ideal to combine with a white shirt.

Brown Wood bracelet

15,00 €
Blue and beige balls bracelet, made in Spain. Inspired by the sea.

Brown socks with navy blue pattern

12,00 €
Brown socks with navy blue christmas pattern. Original and discrete socks. Perfect to combine with any casual shoes. Handmade in Portugal.

Black socks with white polka dots

12,00 €
Black socks with white polka dots and Red heel Black socks with white polka dots. Very versatile socks, which can be used with many types of shoes, brown, black, blue, beige. Risk yourself to be diferente. Handmade in Portugal.

Navy blue socks with lines

12,00 €
Navy blue socks with gray lines Navy blue socks with gray lines is the ideal complement for gray or navy blue shoes. They are informal. A gentleman sock suitable for any style of shoe and trousers. Handmade in Portugal.

Blue socks with stripes

12,00 €
Blue socks with white srtipes and red details Blue socks with White stripes and red details. These marine style socks are versatile and different. You can use it with brown and navy blue shoes. Handmade in Portugal.

Black socks with red dots

12,00 €
Black socks with small red dots. Combined with a black, beige or navy blue shoes, they make a great combination for your feet. Handmade in Portugal.

Purple cashmere pocket square

25,00 €
Handmade purple silk pocket square. It has a novel texture, with relief. Stands out for its purple, orange color and golden tones. It combines with all kinds of suits and shirts. A perfect choice would be a light brown color blazer and a white shirt.

Pack Marinero y Olé

75,00 €
Un pack con personalidad que te acompaña en tus mejores reuniones. Pack Marinero y olé compuesto por: – Corbata de seda morada con líneas rojas y blancas. – Pañuelo de seda rojo con puntos negros. – Pulsera de tres bandas: beiges y azules. – Calcetines...
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