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Pajarita camuflaje

35,00 €
Pajarita de camuflaje beige, azul y gris

Reversible bow tie blue and flowers

38,00 €
Reversible bow-tie. In one side navy blue, White and orange printed flowers, on the other side fabric of navy blue thread. It is a very versatile bow-tie that you can use for different occasions, in your day to day as a fashion or day events like weddings....

Pajarita partitura

35,00 €
Pajarita con diseño de partitura beige con color azul, gris y blanco

Classic Black

49,90 €
For the lovers of classic Kit composed by: Handmade black silk tie with 5 cm width Black handmade silk handkerchief with white big dots. Accompanies this Kit with a jacket or black suit if you like being the smartest person in the place. If you dare to give...

Black socks with squares

12,00 €
Elegant black socks to combine with black shoes. Add an original touch to the typical black sock with a pattern of white squares.

Beige thread tie and red stripes

28,00 € 19,60 €
Corbata de hilo beige y rayas rojas y negras. Ideal para looks sport.

Red pocket square with blue dots

25,00 €
Red silk pocket square with blue dots Handmade red silk pocket square with blue dots. With a very soft and light texture it is ideal to add it to your navy blue or beige blazer.

Striped sailor's silk tie

35,00 € 28,00 €
Purple with red and white striped silk tie. It has a width of 5 cm and a soft and delicate touch. An original tie, full of style, that you can convert in the protagonist accessory of your look.A perfect combination for this sailor striped tie may be a white...

Executive brown socks

12,00 €
Eleagant and classics brown socks Socks with elegant lines. Characterized by a classic color, it is the perfect sock for the pure style gentleman. You can use them with dark brown and navy blue shoes.

Brown socks with navy blue pattern

12,00 €
Brown socks with navy blue christmas pattern. Original and discrete socks. Perfect to combine with any casual shoes. Handmade in Portugal.
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