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Camisa Blanca

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Pack Flamenco

75,00 €
Pack flamenco compuesto por: - Corbata crochet  beige con líneas rojas y negras. - Pañuelo de seda rojo con puntos negros. - Pin flower negro con puntos rojos. - Calcetines negros y rojos con puntos blancos.

Pack Passion Navy

79,90 €
Lucha por lo que mereces, hazlo con estilo. Pack passion navy compuesto por: -Corbata de seda azul marino. -Pañuelo con diseños en rojo. -Tie clip dorado. -Florpin rojo. -Calcetines oscuros con puntos rojos (talla 40-45)

Brown and blue bracelet

26,00 €
Bracelet made in Spain with two strips in shades Brown dark and rope of leather beige and blue. Oval stainless steel closure. The bracelet covers the wrist L size man.

Brown and blue Pokcet square

25,00 €
Handmade Dark Brown, gold and dark blue silk pocket square with a relief texture. It is a discreet pocket square but with lot of style and elegance. Ideal for a black or beige suit. Great for work or leisure dinners and important events.

White pocket square with black border

25,00 €
Handmade white pocket square with black border. The elegance of the white Pocket square with a color accompaniment. The classic of classics, all the elegance in a pocket square

Black Pocket square with White spots

25,00 €
Black silk pocket square with white spots with very smooth texture. Perfect for elegante occasions.

Purple cashmere pocket square

25,00 €
Handmade purple silk pocket square. It has a novel texture, with relief. Stands out for its purple, orange color and golden tones. It combines with all kinds of suits and shirts. A perfect choice would be a light brown color blazer and a white shirt.

White silk pocket square with dots

25,00 €
White silk pocket square with black dots Handmade white silk pocket square with black dots. It has a very soft and light tact. It is a variation of the classic white pocket square but with the originality of the black dots. Ideal for black jackets or black...

Red cashmere pocket square

25,00 €
Red cashmere and navy blue silk pocket square Handmade red cashmere and navy blue silk pocket square. It has a perfect pattern for navy blue blazers. It is a pattern with very original brightness. This man's accessory stands out for its adventurousness.

Black pocket square with White dots

25,00 €
Black silk pocket square with white dots and very smooth texture. The elegance of the black coupled with the originality of the dots make this pocket square ideal for all type of jackets

Red silk Pocket square with dots

25,00 €
Handmade red silk pocket square with black dots With a soft and delicate texture. Inspired in Flamenco traditions this pocket square is perfect for a touch of style and distinction to your jacket.

Light Blue Pocket Square

25,00 €
Light blue and navy blue silk pocket handmade square with litle flowers Very soft touch and inspired by the sea. The light blue Pocket Square is perfect to combine with a beige, navy blue or Brown blazer. It is light, original and very fresh.
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