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Pantalones Negros

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Black socks with squares

12,00 €
Elegant black socks to combine with black shoes. Add an original touch to the typical black sock with a pattern of white squares.

Black socks

12,00 €
Elegant and classic black socks Socks with elegant lines. Characterized by a classic color, it is the perfect sock for the pure style gentleman. You can use them with dark brown and navy blue shoes.

Black socks with white polka dots

12,00 €
Black socks with white polka dots and Red heel Black socks with white polka dots. Very versatile socks, which can be used with many types of shoes, brown, black, blue, beige. Risk yourself to be diferente. Handmade in Portugal.

Black socks with red dots

12,00 €
Black socks with small red dots. Combined with a black, beige or navy blue shoes, they make a great combination for your feet. Handmade in Portugal.

Black leather belt with detail

30,00 €
Black leather belt with designer rope around the skin and matte silver buckle, 4 cm wide. This belt is made in Spain and its design is perfect for elegant looks of black or gray suit. Sizes: S (85cm) M (90cm-95cm) L (100cm) XL (105cm- 110cm)
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