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Camisa Azul Denim

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Pack Flamenco

75,00 €
Pack flamenco compuesto por: - Corbata crochet  beige con líneas rojas y negras. - Pañuelo de seda rojo con puntos negros. - Pin flower negro con puntos rojos. - Calcetines negros y rojos con puntos blancos.

Pack Passion Navy

79,90 €
Lucha por lo que mereces, hazlo con estilo. Pack passion navy compuesto por: -Corbata de seda azul marino. -Pañuelo con diseños en rojo. -Tie clip dorado. -Florpin rojo. -Calcetines oscuros con puntos rojos (talla 40-45)

Brown and blue bracelet

26,00 €
Bracelet made in Spain with two strips in shades Brown dark and rope of leather beige and blue. Oval stainless steel closure. The bracelet covers the wrist L size man.

White silk pocket square with dots

25,00 €
White silk pocket square with black dots Handmade white silk pocket square with black dots. It has a very soft and light tact. It is a variation of the classic white pocket square but with the originality of the black dots. Ideal for black jackets or black...

Red silk Pocket square with dots

25,00 €
Handmade red silk pocket square with black dots With a soft and delicate texture. Inspired in Flamenco traditions this pocket square is perfect for a touch of style and distinction to your jacket.

Light Blue Pocket Square

25,00 €
Light blue and navy blue silk pocket handmade square with litle flowers Very soft touch and inspired by the sea. The light blue Pocket Square is perfect to combine with a beige, navy blue or Brown blazer. It is light, original and very fresh.

Brown Wood bracelet

15,00 €
Blue and beige balls bracelet, made in Spain. Inspired by the sea.

Brown strips bracelet

26,00 €
Brown strips bracelet made in Spain, with two strips on dark brown tones and beige and blue leather cord. Oval stainless steel closure. The bracelet covers the wrist L size man.

Pulsera fina cuero

26,00 €
Los pequeños detalles marcan la diferencia. Pulsera con tres tiras entrelazadas de cuero en tonos marrón oscuro y beige y dos tiras en color azul marino. Cierre ovalado de acero inoxidable. La pulsera abarca la talla L de muñeca de hombre.

Blue stone bracelet

26,00 €
Dark brown bracelet with a small silver metal detail and blue stone. Very elegant bracelet. It looks great if you use it with a white, beige or blue shirt.

Brown socks with navy blue pattern

12,00 €
Brown socks with navy blue christmas pattern. Original and discrete socks. Perfect to combine with any casual shoes. Handmade in Portugal.

Red Flower Pin

10,00 €
This red flower pin is a detail of a true gentleman. Wear it will give a touch of great personality. We recommend to combine the flower pin with a pocket square where one of their color is the same as the flower pin.
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